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06 Mar

The Benefits of an Outsourced IT Consultant

Are you trying to decide between outsourcing your IT and hiring an in-house staff, but not sure what decision is right for you?

Well, if you've looked into staffing an in-house IT consultant team at all, you've probably realized it doesn't come with a cheap price tag.

The expenses of...

01 Mar

Storage Wars: Cloud vs. Data Center

The cloud vs. data center conversation may seem tedious, but it's one of the most important conversations you and your colleagues can have: storage is everything.

22 Feb

IT Security Best Practices HR Departments Often Overlook

Maintaining a checklist of IT fundamentals will safeguard company information

As technology has evolved, so has our need for increased IT security measures in the workplace. Businesses tend to make sure their IT services company keeps firewalls and antivirus software updated to fend...

22 Feb

Why Most Small Businesses Don't Recover From Cyber Security Attacks

What do you think of when you hear the word "hacker"?

16 Feb

Pegasus Technologies Recognized as Top Managed Service Provider for SMBs

For the second year in a row, Pegasus Technologies has made the Computer Reseller News (CRN) MSP 500: Pioneer 250 list. The Pioneer 250 list recognizes Managed Service Providers that deliver innovative managed services a step ahead of the rest.

15 Feb

Prevent Cyber Attacks with DoS Protection

In recent years, DoS attacks have been on the rise as much as 83% in a single quarter.

Additionally, the size of these attacks is also growing. Today, most attacks are big enough to take even major companies and organizations entirely offline.

Even in just one year, countless DoS...

13 Feb

A Proactive Approach to Business Technology Security Begins With Your Employees

Managed Security Services Leverages Employee Training to Protect Your Business Assets

Email phishing schemes, data breaches, viruses, and malware are just a few security threats to SMBs today. Cyber criminals have evolved from mischievous hobby hackers seeking fame to coordinated crime...

13 Feb

Your Antivirus May Not Be Protecting You As Well As You Think

Why it's important to test your antivirus

As businesses and organizations become more aware of the various threats to their network security it becomes increasingly clear they need to invest in technology to protect their assets.

07 Feb

Top Healthcare Information Technology Challenges

Healthcare information technology challenges are unique. Every aspect of healthcare delivery and analysis now relies increasingly on technology – both inside and outside the physician’s office. Wearable devices, Electronic Health Records (EHR), office network connectivity, and more...

03 Feb

Tax Return Email Phishing Scheme to be Aware of this Tax Season

W-2 Email Phishers are Targeting Businesses in More Effective Ways

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the tax season and busy CPAs with a double barrel email phishing scheme targeting your W2s and your bank account.

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