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As CEO of Pegasus Technologies, LLC, Matthew Tucker brings a rare combination of leadership attributes, technical expertise, and experience in the Information Technology industry. Matthew Tucker is responsible for the annual operating business plan as well as strategic direction. His strong commitment to the company’s growth is evident in his personal involvement with developing the current management team, as well as building the future leadership. Matthew Tucker works closely with the Executive staff to develop and monitor policies and procedures for ensuring the growth and stability of the company. Matthew Tucker’s passion for the company and staff is reflected in his continued efforts to ensure the company culture reflects its key values: personal growth, available management, and recognition of accomplishments.
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13 Apr

5 Signs You've Outgrown Your IT Solutions Company

Hiring an IT solutions company has become standard for SMBs that need specialized IT services.  Thanks to advancements in virtualization and automation, partnering with an IT solutions company is typically more cost effective than hiring an in-house IT department. It’s also more...

14 Mar

Small Business IT Support Mistakes CEOs Make

Top executives must invest in quality IT support for their business to thrive

Sometimes it can be difficult to look from the top down and pinpoint gaps in your small business IT support. Part of the reason is that these IT support gaps usually stay hidden until an issue arises.

07 Mar

Why You Need Top Notch Cloud Storage Security

Be secure in the cloud

Opting to store your data in a server room proved to be too expensive and takes up much-needed office space, so you went with the cloud storage option.

26 Jan

Why NOT to Hire an IT Solutions Company with 5 Technicians or Less

Small and mid-sized businesses have the opportunity to improve operations, save money, and maintain a more stable IT team by hiring a managed services firm to oversee IT from day to day. An IT firm brings you a pool of proven, experienced talent without the typical HR overhead.

12 Dec

Top Considerations for Small Businesses Moving to the Cloud

“Should I move my business to the cloud?” is a question echoed by many CEOs and Chief Technology Officers.

Even though many business executives know about the cloud, what it truly is and why it is beneficial remains an ambiguous concept for many.

30 Nov

3 Reasons Why Personality Matters With Your Managed Services Team

The personalities of the people we work with are important. When we like the people we work with, our jobs just seem easier.

Most people don’t realize it, but liking the people you work with is especially important when it comes to your IT Technology provider.

02 Nov

6 Risks of Hiring an In House IT Department

Many CEOs and CIOs struggle with the decision of outsourcing their IT department or hiring an in house IT department or point person.

For some, having an in house IT team is an attractive option because they perceive more dedicated attention and faster results. Others might perceive a...

20 Oct

5 Ways Computer Support Can Benefit Company Culture

There's something to be said for having happy employees.

As the old adage goes, a happy worker is a productive worker.

Company culture can make all the difference when it comes to keeping employees happy.

Over 50 percent of American CEO's and CFO's surveyed said that company culture...

15 Aug

4 Reasons to Look for Information Technology Solutions Externally

Information technology solutions are a necessary element of almost every business. IT experts help safeguard your data and update your software. They also keep your systems up and running and perform other mission-critical functions.

These actions are essential to corporate growth and...

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