Curt Wrigley

Curt is the Technical Services Manager at Pegasus Technologies. Curt oversees our services, quality, and support and is in charge of training our technical team. When he's not hard at work improving our services, Curt enjoys playing the trumpet.

Recent Posts

06 Mar

The Benefits of an Outsourced IT Consultant

Are you trying to decide between outsourcing your IT and hiring an in-house staff, but not sure what decision is right for you?

Well, if you've looked into staffing an in-house IT consultant team at all, you've probably realized it doesn't come with a cheap price tag.

The expenses of...

15 Dec

5 Best Practices of a Quality IT Support Company

What makes the difference between quality and mediocre IT support company?

09 Sep

A Checklist for Your Next IT Support Company

Is your company growing so fast that it can't handle IT support anymore?

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