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22 Jun

Cyber Security Should Be A Top Priority for All Law Firms

Law firms are integrating more technology in the workplace to manage legal files and client data. Legal software replaces more expensive outsourced costs and offers more streamlined benefits, such as:

21 Jun

Common Social Engineering Threats Designed to Trick Your Employees

Even if your organization has top-notch patch management and firewalls in place, cyber criminals can still pose a threat to your company. For many companies, the most vulnerable spot inviting IT security threats is your employees.

12 Jun

Redefining What a True Cloud Provider Must Offer

“The cloud” has become a popular buzzword used in business and technology circles.

01 Jun

Information Technology Terms and Definitions

We use a fair amount of industry jargon in our content about IT support & IT security, so we've defined a list of IT terms & will continue to add definitions.
30 May

5 Cybersecurity Tips from Our Conversations with the FBI

This month, I attended a cybersecurity roundtable organized by the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry. Supervisory Special Agent Ben Stone from the FBI led the meeting and discussed some very helpful IT security insights.

22 May

4 Things You Can Expect From a Local IT Support Provider

You may feel as if you're just another number on a hotline when working with your managed IT service provider. That’s not okay. The IT support companies that typically treat clients this way are:

10 May

5 Things Cloud Services Providers Must Offer in Their Service Level Agreement

Weighing all the pros and cons of cloud computing can be overwhelming. There are many factors to consider before you pick a cloud services provider:

  • What type of cloud platform do you need?
  • How much data do you need to migrate?
  • How much will the migration cost?

Starting a...

05 May

Cloud Email Migration: 3 Services Your IT Support Provider Should Offer

Migrating your email to the cloud can be stressful without the help of a managed IT support provider. You can’t afford for an email migration to go wrong, email is integral to your business’s productivity.

For example:

You may have whole email archives you want moved to the cloud and...

26 Apr

Pegasus Technologies Expands IT Service Area with New Wayne, PA Location

Pegasus Technologies is adding a third office location in Wayne, Pennsylvania. This office will enable Pegasus to better extend their IT services to Main Line and Northern Delaware County businesses.  Starting May 1, 2017, a team of Pegasus Technicians will be stationed in the shared...

20 Apr

Small Business IT Support Basics: Why Technology Updates Can Make or Break Your Business

Hardware & software updates help you avoid data losses and improve your bottom-line

It’s important to discuss hardware and software updates with your IT support company. If your devices aren’t operating on supported versions with the most recent patches, many IT security protocols...

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